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The Screaming Child

A drawing like this involves seeing, reacting, and remembering. With the pen in continual movement, the drawing embodies a seamless coordination of hand, eye, mind, and heart.

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Guilty Pleasures

Themes that I’d find irredeemably cornball from any other artist are rescued both by Abbott Thayer’s prickly earnestness and his formal abilities as a draftsman and painter.

Edgar Degas, executed in collaboration with Vicomte Lepic (French, 1839 - 1889 ), The Ballet Master (Le maître de ballet), c. 1874, monotype heightened and corrected with white chalk or wash, Rosenwald Collection

Worth the Wait

Arguably the greatest draftsman of his time, there was nothing fastidious in his thinking. Degas couldn’t wait to find new ways to get his hands dirty.