Art in Context

Pollock’s Mural, Art, and This Artist

"For me, with Pollock's Mural, I was looking at something that had been created that was about art, that was about itself, that could be its own reference." —Bruce Dorfman

Becoming an Artist

What does “becoming an artist” mean? Some people simply have an impulse to create. They are artists by nature. Some strive to become skilled artists and enjoy that quest for its own sake. Then there are artists who also want to share something they have created by exhibiting their work. Open juried exhibitions are a way to get started exhibiting your work publicly.

Painting What You See

Virtually every artist, from the time of cave painting to the dawn of non-objective art, will tell you they paint what they see. Painting what you see seems like the most obvious and simplest thing in the world…until you try to do it.

Reading Beyond Art History

I enjoy engaging thoughts of the creative mind, irrespective of the field.

On My Bookshelf

As I thought about which books are most important to me and my development as an artist, it gradually dawned on me that it would not be a reading list.

    Pop art is the indelible raised to the unspeakable. — Leonard Baskin