Art in Context

The Art Students League and the Lyme Art Colony

The Art Students League of New York is inextricably connected to the history of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The Craft and Art of Drawing

Drawing is an act of interpretation informed by purpose, study, experience, intuition, and knowing one’s craft.

Recollections of Deane G. Keller

Deane’s great skill was his ability to transcribe human forms from memory.... His owlish face was as quick to slyly smile as it was to cloud over, for he was at once one of the most brilliant and emotionally kinetic people I’ve ever known.

Saturday Night with Madame Cézanne

The Metropolitan Museum's Madame Cezanne and its accompanying catalogue go a long way toward rewriting a well-worn narrative of conjugal disfunction.

Paint This!

The cityscape painter needs a thicker skin than other kinds of painters.

    If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint. — Edward Hopper