Art in Context

Rousseau and Nineteenth-Century Landscape Painting
at the Morgan

There are a couple of exhibitions of nineteenth-century landscape painting now on view at the Morgan Library & Museum.

Egon Schiele’s Portraits

A master of the unbroken contour, Schiele could suggest the living swells and valleys of a figure so dexterously that any elaboration by means of value would have been, well, academic.

Masterpieces from Edinburgh at the Frick

A lot of us will never get to Edinburgh, but a choice piece of Scotland is visiting New York: Masterpieces from the Scottish National Gallery has opened at the Frick.

Pollock’s Mural, Art, and This Artist

"For me, with Pollock's Mural, I was looking at something that had been created that was about art, that was about itself, that could be its own reference." —Bruce Dorfman

Becoming an Artist

What does “becoming an artist” mean? Some people simply have an impulse to create. They are artists by nature. Some strive to become skilled artists and enjoy that quest for its own sake. Then there are artists who also want to share something they have created by exhibiting their work. Open juried exhibitions are a way to get started exhibiting your work publicly.

    When I am in my painting. I’m not aware of what I’m doing. It is only after a sort of “get acquainted” period that I see what I have been about. — Jackson Pollock