Art in Context

New York, New York

Two current exhibitions feature notable painters of the urban scene, Richard Estes and John Dubrow.

Technical Prowess, at the Service of the Spiritual

Voyeurs in Virgin Territory, a show of nineteenth-century landscape painting on view at Questroyal Fine Art, is a beauty.

John A. Parks’ Universal Principles of Art

John A. Parks has published Universal Principles of Art: 100 Key Concepts for Understanding, Analyzing, and Practicing Art, an elegantly-designed compendium of "one hundred principles, fundamental ideas and approaches to making art."

Whistler’s Travels

The painter best known for artful evanescence may still surprise us for the exactness of drawing that characterizes his prints.

A Summer on the Streets

An ode to artistic friendship and the serendipity of plein-air cityscape painting.

    The artist spends the first part of his life with the dead, the second with the living, and the third with himself. — Pablo Picasso