Art in Context

A Summer on the Streets

An ode to artistic friendship and the serendipity of plein-air cityscape painting.

Remembering Walter Liedtke

For Walter Liedtke, it was imperative to humanize rather than deify artists.

Neil Welliver Oil Studies

Welliver's palette, devoid of earth tones, was chosen to suggest the presence of air and to create an image that would parallel, rather than replicate, the luminosity of nature.

The Art Students League and the Lyme Art Colony

The Art Students League of New York is inextricably connected to the history of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

The Craft and Art of Drawing

Drawing is an act of interpretation informed by purpose, study, experience, intuition, and knowing one’s craft.

    I usually start my paintings without having done any preliminary drawing: and I find that neither routine nor technique is of any help. — Oskar Kokoschka