Art in Context

What Makes a Masterpiece?

The brush is used in service of the subject, beautifully descriptive and probing, capturing what is essential to the subject with an economy of means.

An Incomparable Final Act

The Museum of Biblical Art closes its run with a memorable show of twenty-three works representing the pinnacle of Florentine sculpture in the early Renaissance, never before seen in this country until now.

Ethereal Luminosity

"I've found that the meditative process of layering the thin, delicate brushstrokes that make up the surface of a tempera painting has the effect of imparting an intimate stillness to even the most active composition."

Jacob Lawrence’s Migration Series at MOMA

The Migration Series is treated less as art than as a point of departure for a walk-through documentary.

Life Drawing in the Early Years of the Art Students League

Life drawings, known as académies, served as a conduit for the European academic training nineteenth-century American art students craved. Pam Koob writes about their creation and significance during the Art Students League's early history.