Talking Shop with Jeffrey Wiener

I think digital art is going to take off as art-making software and apps become more commonplace in popular culture and especially in art education.

Catherine Redmond: An Interview

You’re in a cave, it’s pitch dark, you’re holding a silk thread, and you move one inch at a time forward, because the secret you want is deep inside ...

Talking Shop with Gregory Frux

You have to make a choice each time you draw. It is striking how different artists will be attracted to different landscape elements. That is one of the exciting aspects of landscape drawing and painting.

Talking Shop with Nicole Cohen

I started Berlin Collective because there wasn’t an international artist network platform, and there seemed to be a great need for this to promote international discourse and advancement in the arts.

Frank O’Cain: An Interview

  • by | December 4, 2013

Abstraction has the advantage of allowing the viewer to go beyond a painting’s premise the more you look at it. It sends you into introspection…

    A portrait is a painting with something wrong with the mouth. — John Singer Sargent