Cornelia Foss: An Interview 

I’m lucky in the sense that I am able to portray my feelings with a brush rather easily. I don’t know whether I can attribute this to slow accumulation over a lifetime—looking at so many paintings, the careful observation of everything.

Talking Shop with Garin Baker

The ability to remove the cerebral assumptions of what you think you know and just respond honestly can be key to developing authentic work.

Talking Shop with Natalie Tyler

With glass, I am able to incorporate light and color into the work, giving my sculptures another dimension—one that feels a bit more alive.

Talking Shop with Suzanne Benton

"My aim is always to respond to and respect the cultures wherever I am working and let the experience of being there enter the work. "

Talking Shop with Maddine Insalaco

There is no question that plein air painting is a class of painting unto itself, and we understood early on that it can be more akin to an extreme sport than a creative activity.