The Studio Project | Mariano Del Rosario


My studio for the past ten years has been located in Building 30, part of the Brooklyn Navy Yard Industrial Park, in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. The building was constructed for horse carriages during the antebellum era. After decades of neglect, it was renovated (around 2000) and commercially leased to artists only. But the vestiges of its past are still evident. It’s one reason I moved my studio from Williamsburg, which was transforming into what it is today. I put in a lot of manual labor—buckets upon buckets of paint and spackling compound—to make my space look half way decent from its former raw shell.

I work eclectically and sporadically, anytime of day or night, but absolutely not nine-to-five. The best part of the studio is its fifteen-foot ceiling; the worst, it’s too quiet.

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