Sherry Camhy

Sherry Camhy's work has been exhibited at the Israel Museum, Parrish Museum, New Orleans Museum of Art, the Telfair Museum, the Aldrich Museum of Contemporary Art, Katonah Museum, and the Hammond Museum. She has been the subject of reviews in in ArtNewsTime Out New YorkAmerican ArtistFine Art Connoisseur, and International Artist. Her book Art of the Pencil: A Revolutionary Look at Drawing, Painting and the Pencil was published by Watson-Guptill in 1997. She writes the “The Material World" column for Drawing and is a reviewer for Fine Art Connoisseur. In 2013 she curated The Silverpoint Exhibition at the National Arts Club. In addition to offering instruction privately and teaching workshops at New York University, the School of Visual Arts, and the New York Academy of Art, she is on the faculty of the Art Students League where she teaches Painterly Drawing. Her website is


  • Delacroix’s Devotion to Drawing

    While Delacroix might defy easy classification among art historical "isms," his lifelong devotion to drawing is certain.

  • Seven Secrets of Silverpoint

    Silverpoint/metalpoint was the Old Masters’ pencil before there were graphite pencils. These artists used the medium for delicate, detailed work, and for cartoons under frescos. Contemporary artists are exploring the medium because it is now easy to use, in any size and for many subjects.

  • Wayne Thiebaud, Draftsman

    What we can learn from the process of an artist who defies neat categorization.

  • Sherry Camhy and Silverpoint: An Exhibition, Publication, and Workshop

    Sherry Camhy's silverpoint Portrait of Olivia is now on view at the Lyme Art Association Gallery as part of the 85th Annual Juried Exhibition of the Hudson Valley Art Association.

  • Michelangelo: Divine Draftsman and Designer

    Michelangelo’s draftsmanship evinces not only unsurpassed skill, but also serious searching and visual thinking. It is a language of its own, drawing taken to the level of an independent art.

  • Drawn to Greatness: Master Drawings from the Thaw Collection

    These small works are so full of complex narrative depictions, significant details, sophisticated symbols, and expressive marks that it is impossible not to wonder at their magic.

  • Hidden Treasures

    The Gilded Age of Drawing in America, now on view at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, presents three dozen remarkable and rarely seen drawings by artists, both famous and lesser known.

  • Advice for the Beginning Art Student

    Sherry Camhy's fifteen suggestions for finding your path as an artist.

  • Sherry Camhy in Upcoming Silverpoint Exhibition

    Argentum: Contemporary Silverpoint is a group exhibition that will be on view at Marbury Gallery from April 28 through May 12, 2017.

  • Art Students League Instructors in The Figurative Artist's Handbook

    The Figurative Artist's Handbook, by Robert Zeller, includes artwork by nine Art Students League instructors, past and present.

  • Sherry Camhy's Madrid Workshop

    Sherry Camhy will be teaching a six-day workshop in Madrid this spring.

  • Sherry Camhy Participates in AIDS Benefit

    Sherry Camhy's Chava will be offered in a silent auction to support the work of Visual AIDS.

  • Spotlight on Ralph Alfred Blakelock

    Blakelock fought with his paint until his images magically evolved into the mystical, musical nocturnes of silence he sought.

  • Camhy in Figurative Artist's Handbook

    The Figurative Artist’s Handbook: A Contemporary Guide to Figurative Drawing, Painting, and Composition by Robert Zeller, forthcoming from Monacelli Press, includes drawings by Sherry Camhy.

  • Sherry Camhy on Mechanical Pencils

    Sherry Camhy's "Material World" column for the Fall 2006 issue of Drawing is "The Nuts and Bolts of Mechanical Pencils."

  • Sherry Camhy's New Book

    Sherry Camhy has just published Robert Beverly Hale Lecture Notes.

  • Sherry Camhy on Sketchbooks

    Sherry Camhy's article about sketchbooks for Drawing magazine.

  • Back to the Drawing Board

    When I visit the Metropolitan Museum, I am able to travel back in time to communicate with artists living centuries ago, and ask them, How did you do that? Why did you do that?

  • 18th Annual Postcards from the Edge

    Postcards from the Edge is an art auction of over 1500 postcard-sized works of art, by both established and emerging artists, the proceeds of which benefit Visual Aids.

  • On Exhibition: Camhy and Shalen in Lustrous Lines

    Lustrous Lines: Contemporary Metalpoint Drawings is an exhibition of work by forty-three artists from the US, UK, and Australia.

  • On Exhibition: A Celebration of Life Drawing

    A Celebration of Life Drawing is a group exhibition of figurative artworks and life drawing events at the Jay Gould Townhouse.

  • Camhy's Silverpoint Drawing Accessioned

    Sherry Camhy’s silverpoint drawing has been accessioned into the permanent collection of the Arkansas Arts Center Foundation. Read the story behind the work.

  • Sherry Camhy at the Hammond Museum

    Sherry Camhy’s installation Another Time, Another Place is part of the Katonah Museum Artist Association Members juried exhibition, Time and Place, opening September 16 at the Hammond Museum.

  • Sherry Camhy: Two Silverpoint Exhibitions

    Sherry Camhy will be exhibiting silverpoint drawings in two Arkansas galleries.

  • On View: The Silverpoint Exhibition

    Before pencils and paper, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and many other artists drew with lead, silver, gold, and other metal points to create timeless studies on small specially prepared surfaces.

  • Sherry Camhy's Moses

    Sherry Camhy's Moses is included in Women of the Book, Jewish Women Recording, Reflecting, Revisiting.

  • On Exhibition: Sherry Camhy at the National Arts Club

    Sherry Camhy’s At a Still Point received first prize for landscape at the 116th Annual Exhibiting Artist Members Exhibition.

  • Sherry Camhy Prints at Ceres Gallery

    WhatWePrintWhenWePrintAboutLove brings together the work of six artists with diverse approaches to printmaking and love.

  • Sherry Camhy's Online Gallery

    Aunt Helen’s Doll III was painted directly on an old wooden panel rescued from the basement of the Art Students League of New York.

  • Sherry Camhy Is "Artist of the Month"

  • Becoming an Artist

    What does “becoming an artist” mean? Some people simply have an impulse to create. They are artists by nature. Some strive to become skilled artists and enjoy that quest for its own sake. Then there are artists who also want to share something they have created by exhibiting their work. Open juried exhibitions are a way to get started exhibiting your work publicly.

  • Sherry Camhy's Veritas

    Veritas is a painting by Sherry Camhy that will be on view in the Hudson Valley Art Association's 82nd Annual Exhibition, opening at the Salmagundi Club (47 Fifth Avenue, NYC) on September 20.

  • Sherry Camhy on Pastel

    Sherry Camhy explores historical and contemporary concepts of pastel drawing and painting in “Pastel Pointers, Past and Present," an article in the Summer 2014 issue of Drawing magazine.

  • The Possibilities of Paper at the Dishman Art Museum

    Mark(ing) Time: Works on Paper Invitational is an exhibition of artwork by artists who work strictly on paper. Its aim is to explore the traditional and contemporary ideas of what constitutes drawing and printmaking.

  • Postcards from the Edge

    Postcards from the Edge is an annual AIDS benefit exhibition this year hosted by Luhring Augustine Gallery.

  • Sherry Camhy on Silverpoint in Drawing Magazine

    In the February 2014 issue of Drawing magazine, Jerry Weiss has a review of The Silverpoint Exhibition, a group show curated by Sherry Camhy, which included Wendy Shalen's Washed Ashore.

  • The Shimmer of Silverpoint

    Silverpoint is an old technique that involves drawing with sterling silver, gold, copper, and other precious metals on specially prepared surfaces. Long before graphite was discovered, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Albrecht Dürer used it…

  • Petite Portraits

    Eye to I ... 3,000 Years of Portraits at the Katonah Museum of Art presents sixty portraits accompanied by commentary about them by 100 contributors.

  • Sherry Camhy in Drawing Magazine

    Sherry Camhy's article "Painterly Graphite" appears in the Fall issue of Drawing magazine. Take a video peek inside the issue. Available at bookstores and on newsstands November 5, 2013.

  • Sherry Camhy Award for Silverpoint Drawing

    Sherry Camhy’s silverpoint drawing Aunt Helen’s Doll is included in the newly published Strokes of Genius 5—The Best of Drawing: Design and Composition.

  • Sherry Camhy at Hammond Museum

    Sherry Camhy's drawing Sky will be on exhibit in Elements at the Hammond Museum (North Salem, NY) from May 18 to June 8, 2013.

  • Sherry Camhy and Silverpoint Drawing

    Sherry Camhy's silverpoint Innocence, currently on view in the ASL window, appears in Thea Burns's The Luminous Trace, Drawing and Writing in Metalpoint. "In her carefully rendered full-length portraits," writes Burns, "Camhy has explored the soft, atmospheric, essentially painterly gradations of tone that metalpoint can produce even in large-scale images."

  • Sherry Camhy and Students in Postcards from the Edge Benefit

    Sherry Camhy and some artists in her classes will be exhibiting work in Postcards from the Edge at the Sikkema Jenkins & Co., January 25–January 27, 2013.

  • Sherry Camhy

    Sherry Camhy and her students are exhibiting paintings in Small Works at the Katonah Museum of Art through February 10, 2013.