Student Concours for the Week of March 12, 2018


Every January through mid-May, the Phyllis Harriman Mason Gallery at the Art Students League hosts a series of exhibitions. Known as the student concours, these are week-long shows, consisting of work by three or four classes, that open Monday morning, continue through Saturday afternoon, and are replaced on Sundays with a whole new batch of work. A “red dot” is awarded to the work deemed best in each class, with “blue dots” serving to note other outstanding pieces. Exhibiting this week are students from the classes of Naomi Campbell, Jerry Weiss, and Weiqing Yuan.

Gallery hours—
Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Tomas Daskan

Painting by Tomas Daskan

Peter Salwen

Painting by Peter Salwen

Kostiantyn Rudnichenko

Painting by Kostiantyn Rudnichenko

Robert Gimble

Painting by Robert Grimble

Joyce Zukauskas

Painting by Joyce Zukauskas

Joy Becker

Painting by Joy Becker

Elizabeth Wang

Painting by Elizabeth Wang

Painting by Jae Duk Kim

Jay Kim

Drawing by Jay Kim

Yoko Wakabayashi

Watercolor by Yoko Wakabayashi

Helen Silverman

Watercolor by Helen Silverman

Tenzing Nyima

Watercolor by Tenzing Nyima

Barbara Chutroo

Watercolor by Barbara Chutroo

Roberta Kleiman

Watercolor by Roberta Kleiman

Linda Maassen

Watercolor by Linda Maassen

Gennady Mikhelzon

Watercolor by Gennady Mikhelzon

Sheila Cappelletti

Watercolor by Sheila Cappelletti

Donald Fram

Watercolor by Donald Fram

Janina Jaszczak

Watercolor by Janina Jaszczak

Janina Juszczak

Watercolor by Janina Juszczak

Mary O'Sullivan

Watercolor by Mary O'Sullivan

Alejandra Yancey

Watercolor by Alejandra Yancey

Bonnie Schertz

Watercolor by Bonnie Schertz

Diana Lord

Watercolor by Diana Lord

Julie Zeitlin

Watercolor by Julie Zeitlin

Ann Lee Chen

Watercolor by Ann Lee Chen

Julie Zeitlin

Watercolor by Julie Zeitlin

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