Yasumitsu Morito Solo Show at RESOBOX Chelsea

by LINEA STAFF | April 20, 2018

Yasumitsu Morito Resobox[1]Microcosm: Yasumitsu Morito at the Resobox Chelsea is a solo exhibition of new work by Yasumitsu Morito that opens April 24 at RESOBOX Chelsea[2]. “Morito attempts to fuse the Japanese traditional craft with visual arts for New Yorkers as well as people around the world. The conflict between everyday objects and fine art will be resolved with the universal language of art by Morito who was born in Mashiko and has been practicing art in New York City. Morito introduces his exquisitely glazed potteries, which show his longtime dedication to “Mingei,” and his sculptures, Mother and Child series as a new phase of Mashiko-yaki, made out of a local material from New York. Morito’s work conveying the Japanese philosophy and concept of “Mingei” from Mashiko speaks to not only Japanese but also local people in New York by emphasizing the materialism of interactions with each other. Now, he embodies the feeling of harmony that goes beyond the geographical boundaries within RESOBOX where Japanese culture resonates.” The exhibition continues through May 24, 2018.


Yasumitsu Morito Resobox[3]

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